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North Carolina’s Leading Specialists In Helping Active People Aged 35+ Improve Movement, Pain and Stiffness To Be Able Work Out And Stay Active Without Pain Meds, Injections And Even Surgery


Our goal is to achieve your goals. No more wishing doctors would just listen to what YOU want


We will provide you the cost of care with your insurance benefits BEFORE your first visit. End frustrating, unexpected bills 6 months later


The most important time to us is your time. Stop waiting hours just to see a specialist for 3 mins. You have our clinicians’ attention with one on one care.

Free Discovery Consultation

Talk with one of our specialists about your specific needs to learn if we are the right option to helping you
Gain valuable information by instantly downloading one of our E-books created by our specialists to offer you simple ways to reduce pain and stiffness today.
Back Pain E-Book
Shoulder Pain E-book
Knee Pain E-Book



Talk With One Of Our Specialists

Inquire About Cost And Availability

Please choose one of the buttons and fill out the quick and easy form to help us better answer your questions to your specific goals.