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Back Pain


no background 3D 8 ways to eliminate low back and hip pain from keeping you out of your work ou

Dealing with back pain and stiffness is frustrating. Experiencing the inability to move freely limits your ability to perform even the simplest of daily tasks, let alone living an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people rely on an ineffective healthcare system that relies on ineffective treatments, only provide temporary relief and still leave people searching for answers on their symptoms.
This is why I’ve written the report on how to deal with low back pain that keeps you from doing your work outs. Over the years having worked with active people who enjoy the gym, running, cycling, swimming, golf or tennis I’ve learned what can be effective in getting real results. In this report, I give you valuable information that has helped a lot of people who were in your shoes. People we’ve helped had seen physicians, surgeons, even other healthcare practitioners for far too long without getting results. They had x-rays and MRIs performed showing anatomical dysfunctions like “bulging discs” and “degenerative disc disease”. Here at Xcel Movement and Performance, we were able to simplify these “diagnoses” and provide clear, meaningful solutions with lasting results.
This free report will give you 8 different techniques that we use regularly here at our facility with the individuals we are helping. The goal is to give you some guidance on eliminating your pain and stiffness. I cannot guarantee it will take all your symptoms away, but provide you with a different approach you may have not tried yet. Waiting too long to take action on your symptoms can have severe consequences down the road. Imagine a year from now not being able to enjoy the activities and sports that help you stay healthy, fit and most importantly…happy?
Brian Campbell, PT


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no background 3D 8 ways to eliminate low back and hip pain from keeping you out of your work ou

If you are tired of dealing with back pain and stiffness and are looking for answers, I urge you to fill out your information to instantly read our report. Because this information is so valuable (and can even save you $1000’s of dollars from expensive treatment and imaging) we can only offer a limited number of copies per week.