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So you promised yourself again that you would start your diet on Monday as you finished your second cookie, right? My question to you is… WHY? Why are you convinced that a diet is going to rid you of your nutrition struggles and take your cravings right along with them? If your countless attempts at dieting keep failing, you’ve found that they aren’t sustainable, and now you are really craving sweets because your diet says you can’t have them, then maybe it’s time to try something new. Something that involves colorful meals, a variety of options that are jammed packed with nutrients, and definitely a cookie if you want it.


Let’s ditch the diets and start with 3 simple goals this week. Here’s what and why:

After you fix a meal, take a good look at it. How many colors do you see? This week lets set a goal to have at least 3-4 different colors at each meal.

  • If your meal appears to be one main color, it is probably pretty boring. Simply put, a colorful plate not only looks more appealing, it is also more satisfying.  With different colors you’ll experience different tastes and a much more flavorful meal.
  • With different colors you’ll consume several different key nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that you may be lacking if your meals are plain.

Slow down. I know life is fast paced and busy, but your meals shouldn’t be.

  • The textures, the crunch, and the aroma… they do more for you than you think! When we truly take time to enjoy the meals at hand, you’re more likely to be satisfied longer.
  • The slower you eat, the more time your brain has to recognize that the stomach is full. Try setting your utensil down between bites. When you focus on enjoying the taste and palatability of your food, you’ll actually be able to acknowledge the feeling of being full or not. If you eat too fast, your brain isn’t able to distinguish between signals and before you know it you’re up for seconds or thirds! Once you finally feel that you’re full, you’ve most likely eaten an uncomfortable amount.

Make your water bottle your new best friend and take it everywhere you go. Aim for 5 ounces of fluid for every 100 calories you eat. (example: 2000 calories = 100 ounces)

  • Sometimes when you’re going non-stop throughout the day you can completely forget to hydrate or you may forget to drink fluids other than coffee. You automatically lose 0.7-1.2 liters of fluid per day through breathing and your skin, so make sure you’re replacing it!
  • Remaining hydrated can help increase energy, combat fatigue, improves skin complexion, aids in digestion, and can improve your workouts.

Working with a registered dietitian allows you to learn the why behind the goals. You’re more likely to follow through with something if you know exactly how it is helping you. Scheduling a one-on-one session will allow us to dive deeper into how you can conquer your personal goals while still enjoying your food. Together, we will set small, attainable goals like the above 3 and monitor your journey along the way!

Have questions about these goals or other nutrition services? Speak with one of our experts at contact@xcelmp.com!

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