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Performance Dry Needling

An Effective Alternative to Injections, Medications and Surgery

Muscles are important to being healthy and pain-free. Sometimes when we work out, play sports or enjoy activities our muscles can become dysfunctional and out of sync. There are a few different ways muscles can cause us limitations:


Pain: Muscles can become painful when they are overworked or “spasm” to protect joints. The “knots” or trigger points you feel that can be uncomfortable are a prime example of your muscle telling you they are not working properly. This can happen overtime or can be instantaneous(like when you wake up with a kink in your neck or feel your “back give out” when lifting something)


Mobility: Movement causes muscles to contract and relax. When you perform the same activities over time, certain muscles can do more contracting then relaxing (especially if your not taking time to work on your mobility). This can lead to overactive muscles that become “hypertonic” or hyper active. This doesn’t allow your joints to move through the full range of motion available.


So how does dry needling solve these problems?

Dry needling utilizes a small, thin needle that pushes through skin and muscle tissue to get directly to the problem area. Unlike massage techniques, cupping or even IASTM(“scrapping”), only dry needling techniques can change muscle function at these deep levels. The best part is because of the thin needle, it is a much more comfortable treatment then a regular needle. The actual function of the needle is to help “reset” the muscle tissue that is overactive or hypertonic. Once the needle has reached the affected muscles, it can instantaneously shut off the nerve signal and increase blood flow. This is very effective as part of a movement correction program to accelerate the process to eliminate pain and improve joint stiffness.

How Do We Use Performance Dry Needling?

At Xcel Movement and Performance, our movement experts use performance dry needling as part of their process to help clients overcome injury, pain or mobility problems. We do this two ways: First, as part of our performance therapy session for helping our clients get back to their intended goals of activities or sports. Secondly, as part of our client’s maintenance program, performance dry needling can be done routinely to proactively keep our clients healthy and pain free. This is typically based upon the client’s activity level and goals.

Shoulder Dry Needling

beth shoulder needle

Shoulder Mobility Before/After

tommy shoulder

Back Dry Needling

dylan back needle

Back Pain Before/After

back before_after

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