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Xcelmp give you best pain relief physical therapy treatment from your shoulder pain and joint pain also. For any type of quarries please visit our physical therapy center near Durham.
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Do you fall into one of these categories with your shoulder problem?

  1. I have constant pain that keeps me up at night and has limited my activities significantly
  2. I have seen a physician (and possibly done an MRI) and was given a diagnosis that could require surgery
  3. I’ve been seeing a physical therapist and/or chiropractor but I’m frustrated that I’m not seeing real progress.
  4. I tried to “rest” for a few weeks and when I went back to my activities the pain came right back
  5. I am afraid to fully commit back to my work outs or sports because I fear that I could make things worse

If you fall into any of these 5 categories (or more possibly) you’re not alone. The great news is your in the right place!


Our team of shoulder experts help people with these exact type of problems (like yourself) find a solution to end their pain, improve their mechanics and return confidently back to their activities, work outs or sports.


We’ve helped countless people avoid harmful injections, constant need for pain meds and even unnecessary surgery!


Why are we so effective at helping people with shoulder problems?


Our team is very knowledgeable with the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder. Our clients constantly tell us that one of the main reasons they have gotten results with use, versus other health care practitioners, is because of the KNOWLEDGE we give to them. See it’s just like the old saying “feed someone a fish, they eat for a day, teach someone to fish and you can feed them for life”. We are able to take a complex system (the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles and tendons) and simplify it to educate our clients on what got them in trouble in the first place and how to stay symptom-free!


Our system not only allows our clients to start feeling better faster, but know WHY they need to change their movement. It’s hard if you’ve been to a specialist before and left with just a bunch of drills and a whole lot of questions. Our worse that you’ve gone to your sessions and they’ve handed you off to a “tech” or “assistant” to do the same drills you’ve done for practically each visit you’re there!


With our team of shoulder experts, you will find that with 1 on 1 care, the session is completely dedicated to YOUR situation. Our team is very active in working out and sports as well, and we’ve been through shoulder problems at some point in our lives so we know how frustrating it can be. We know you’re a motivated individual who doesn’t want to let a shoulder problem slow you down. We’re dedicated to making sure you can get back to the gym, on the court or greens again. We want to start helping you immediately, which is why we have our FREE E-book on “9 hacks to keep your shoulders mobile and pain-free for your work outs or sport!” available below. Instantly get 9 different techniques that we use with our current shoulder clients to get started on the right path.


If your ready to see if we can be a good fit to helping resolve your shoulder problem, schedule a FREE, no insurance required discovery session with one of our shoulder experts. You can schedule online below OR call us at (919) 473-6165 to schedule over the phone. Our goal is to listen to your situation and needs to provide the best solution for you.

If you have an urgent need for your shoulder problem, please call us at (919) 473-6165 and we will get you in within 24 hours.


Schedule your FREE discovery session with one of our shoulder experts. Schedule online below and spend 20 minutes with one of our clinicians who can help you find a long term solution to your shoulder problem.