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Our number ONE squat drill to improve strength, mobility and decrease pain

To follow up on our video from yesterday, we wanted to give you our number ONE drill we teach our clients. This drill, the controlled goblet squat, is the perfect drill to get your body in the right positions to be able to move well throughout the squat movement. It also helps to learn how to position your weight correctly over your midfoot when coming up from the squat to reduce stress on your knees and low back. Here are some key points:

  • Keep tension through your glutes and shift your hips back before descending (bending knees)
  • Keep pressure on your heels during the descent and slowly lower in no less than 3 secs
  • Hold right BELOW parallel position for 2 sec, with weight distributed over your midfoot
  • Keep the pressure through your midfoot (right in front of your ankle) and squeeze your glutes to ascend out of the hole
  • Come to full upright position with hips underneath shoulders in standing
  • Repeat with correct form, rest when forms breaks down


Have questions about this drill or about your squat? Speak with one of our movement experts at contact@xcelmp.com!

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