XCELMP | Shoulder Pain
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Shoulder Pain


no background 9 ways to get rid of shoulder pain and stiffness from work outs3D

Shoulder and Neck

Shoulder and neck problems are one of the most common reasons active people are missing time in the gym, on the course or in the pool. For some people, the symptoms can be most aggravating during their activities (leading to frustration and fear of losing progress) or can keep them awake at night (also not conducive to a healthy lifestyle when you feel like a zombie all day). If you said to yourself “yeah that’s me” you’re in the right place! Our team of shoulder specialists hear these exact symptoms daily with the people we currently help. These people are just like you, learning to move better to get back to activities and sports like:


●  Gym Workouts
●  Boot Camps
●  Cycling
●  Swimming
●  Tennis
●  Golf
Most of these individuals have seen a doctor or another healthcare provider before giving us a call or scheduling a free consultation (which we recommend). They had gone through expensive x-rays and MRIs (which we DON’T recommend before seeing us) and even tried pain meds or injections with no lasting results. Unfortunately, what they didn’t know before seeing us is that all of these traditional methods don’t actually solve underlying issues for shoulder and neck problems. Yes, they may have gotten some relief from pain, but once they went back to their activities it was only a matter of time before they were back to square one.


This doesn’t have to be you….


You can instantly take control of your pain and stiffness problem right now. All you need to do is download our FREE guide on the 9 techniques to eliminate your pain naturally to get back to your activities. In this guide, constructed by our team of shoulder specialists, you will find simple and effective ways to get some relief. While it may not completely take away your symptoms, it will get you moving in the right direction.
This guide, which has helped dozens of active people, is perfect for anyone aged 35+ with these “diagnoses”:


●  Impingement
●  Rotator Cuff Tear
●  Labral Tear
●  Cervical Bulging Disc
●  Cervical Degenerative Disease


Imagine what your life was like before your neck or shoulder problem. You didn’t have to wince in the morning because of stiffness and we’re able to put your clothes on without a struggle. It didn’t feel like you needed an extra 10 minutes to “warm up” before working out. Those are the exact complaints we hear almost daily from new people coming to us for help. Just like you, these people were able to get rid of those symptoms, improve their mechanics and get back to their activities with confidence. If you’re ready to get the same results, we recommend downloading our free report to get the ball rolling.
Brian Campbell, PT
no background 9 ways to get rid of shoulder pain and stiffness from work outs3D

Make sure you download today, as this information is so effective for active people with shoulder and neck problems that we have a limited number of copies per week.