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North Carolina’s leading specialists for helping active people optimize their health and performance by providing solutions that eliminate frustrating pain, stiffness and performance loss.


Brian Campbell

Physical Therapist and Founder

Brian Campbell

Brian is our lead performance physical therapist and founder of Xcel Movement and Performance. His experience has helped hundreds of active people aged 35+ to move better with less pain to get back to their activities and sports. Brian has a passion for making sure his active clients understand every step of the process, from identifying the underlying causes to the reasoning behind each exercise. His goal is to help you achieve your goals while avoiding pain meds, ineffective injections and even surgery in the process. He specializes in helping people who are frustrated by their current care or lack of progress find real results from active activities including work outs, boot camps, endurance sports, tennis and golf.


Luanne Fanelli

Lead Customer Care Expert

Luanne Fanelli

Luanne is our lead customer care expert. She is the go-to throughout your entire experience with us. Whether you’re calling to inquire about our services, learning your true costs with our cost verification checks, or scheduling your appointments throughout your plan of care, Luanne will be there to help you. You will also hear from Luanne after your sessions, as she also makes sure your care is beyond expectations from start to finish!


Morgan King

Lead Cryotherapy Care Expert

Morgan King

Morgan is our lead cryotherapy care expert. She will take care of you during your cryotherapy session. Morgan knows all there is to know about how cryotherapy can help you, and is available to answer any of your questions about it! She will make you feel at home while she runs you through your cryotherapy session. You can call her or just stop by to learn all the benefits and even try a session out to feel the benefits.


This website does not provide medical advice and does not direct that you undertake any specific exercise or training/rehabilitation regimen. Consult with a physician before undertaking any information found on this website.


We accept all major insurances as a non-contracted physical therapy company. We will obtain your cost per visit before your first session with us with our complimentary insurance cost verification check.

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