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This article will help you understand the mechanics behind a barbell overhead press, give you cues to perform the movement correctly, and provide you with a few drills to help prime your body for this moderately advanced movement.

The overhead press is a movement that can be incorporated into many different types of programs, whether you ...

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The turkish get up is a great exercise to help improve your ability to connect your shoulders, core, and pelvis. To be able to perform this exercise you need adequate shoulder stability and the neuromuscular control to connect all of the correct movement together. Although this is a fairly advanced movement it can be broken down into phases. In addition ...

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The plank is great exercise to help improve your core strength and shoulder stability however it is very commonly performed incorrectly. When you perform this exercise incorrectly you are putting your shoulders at risk for injury and it won’t be as effective in helping to build your core strength.

This exercise will help: Improve core stability ...

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