How to Avoid Overuse Injuries in Developing Athletes

Dr. Chelsea Schuman, PT | | Category:

As becoming a pro athlete becomes more and more glamorized in today’s culture there is a rising number of injuries in developing athletes. This is due to many factors but mostly, the increasing number of young athletes specializing in a sport way too early on in life. When this happens they do not develop broad athletic abilities and they are constantly using the same movement patterns over and over again. This leads to overuse injuries and a decrease in their athletic ability. If you look at pro athletes today like Tom Brady and LeBron James they actually played multiple sports when they were younger to help develop a broad base of athletic skills. There a few easy things we can implement into our developing athlete’s lives that can help decrease this risk of overuse injuries. We talk about these things in the video below!

In summary,

  • Don’t specialize in a sport too early in life.
  • Make sure your child is getting enough sleep
  • Let your kid be a kid!
  • Pay attention to the warm up and cool down protocols of your child’s sporting team

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