How to Identify Your Child's Risk for Injury

Dr. Chelsea Schuman, PT | | Category:

If you have a child that participates in some type of sport or activity then you have probably thought about ways that you can ensure they stay healthy and injury free at some point in time. We are here to give you a few quick things you can observe and ask your child to assess their risk for injury. Below is the full video of this week’s TTWS where we dive deeper into these topics.

In summary,

  • Make sure your child has basic movement patterns before loading them in some type of strength program or starting an intensive sporting season.
  • When your child is reaching overhead or squatting ask them if they feel even on each side or if one side feels different.
  • If your child is displaying some type of asymmetry or they are unaware of their body positions this warrants further evaluation to ensure they stay injury free.

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