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There are 14 different muscles that attach to the shoulder blade that can play into the mechanics of how that shoulder blades moves. In addition to this the way your body is moving as a whole can affect the way your shoulder moves. Therefore, there are many different places that your pain could be coming from and it may not necessarily be from a “torn rotator cuff muscle”.

So before you decide you will never be able to get back to our favorite activities because of a torn rotator cuff, or even before you decide to get surgery, try the drills below. These drills focus on improving scapular control along with the ability to maintain scapular stability while moving through overhead movements.

Prone Y

This exercise is great if you are still feeling some type of instability in an overhead position.

Points to focus on:

  • Only go as high as you can feel tension in the lower portion of your shoulder blade
  • Keep the rest of your arm relaxed
  • Maintain a thumb up position throughout the entire movement

External Rotation to Press

This exercise will help you keep your scapular stabilizers engaged while moving into an overhead position

Points to focus on:

  • Keep your elbows inside of your hands throughout the entire movement
  • If you’re having trouble feeling your lower scapular stabilizers try pressing out in front of you first then progress to overhead
  • Go slow and feel the movement

Dying Bug with Bilateral Shoulder Extension

This exercise helps you engage your deep abdominals engage to ensure you have proper spinal alignment during your overhead activities.

Points to focus on:

  • Keep a flat spine as you drop your leg
  • Make sure the hip staying up stays at 90 degrees

In summary, there are many different factors that play into the role of your shoulder health. Therefore, just because you have shoulder pain does not mean that it is coming from something that was seen on imaging. So before you jump into getting surgery try some of these simple drills. If you are still having issues come in for a free discovery consultation and receive your movement diagnosis.

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