Your Guide to Anterior Shoulder Pain

Anterior Shoulder Pain: What you need to know to be shoulder pain free

Shoulder pain can be very limiting when it comes to staying active. Especially when it occurs in the bicep tendon, or the anterior (front) of your shoulder. It plagues being able to perform daily activities like getting clothes on/off, reaching for things, even sleep! Let alone work outs or training.

There are a few factors that need to be considered when addressing anterior shoulder pain differently from other types of shoulder issues. The reasoning behind this is due to many times the more intense irritation that occurs to the front of the shoulder. In this article, we will discuss how to eliminate the irritation, and focus on the major contributing underlying factors for long term relief.


Why do I start hurting?


The major reason for anterior or bicep tendon pain is due to the over activation of the bicep with shoulder movements. Activities such as swimming, push-ups, bench press, pull ups, even bicep curls if done incorrectly can cause irritation to the insertion point of the long head of the bicep.


This over activation is due to the fact that the shoulder complex is not getting enough support from the shoulder blade muscles. Basically, a muscular imbalance has occurred. The back side scapular stabilizers such as lower trap, and serratus anterior are not holding the shoulder blade in good position. When this happens, the front of the shoulder takes on more force to continue to perform the movement. When done repetitively, irritation and inflammation occurs.


How do I eliminate shoulder pain?

To eliminate anterior bicep tendon pain. The key is to address underlying hyper active muscles. Reduce tension in the lats, the pecs would be primary. A video demonstration is below.

Secondly, you can do some light work to the actual pain area in the bicep tendon. Proceed with caution, however, as you do not want to continue to irritate already irritated tissue. See below for some more reasoning as to why you shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on the bicep tendon.

How do I keep my shoulder pain away?

Now the money question, what’s the magic to keeping this pain away? It’s simple. We know that the bicep tendon gets irritated from muscular imbalance of the wrong muscles firing during work outs and daily activities. So we need to reprogramming the muscles and movements to improve the muscle balance. We want to perform simple drills that are about creating tension in the shoulder blade, and NOT in the bicep or front of the shoulder. Once we are able to perform activities pain-free without weight, you can start adding resistance and progressing back to work out activities such as push ups, bench, cycling, swimming and boot camps! Take a look below at some of our go-to drills we use in our programs to help people with bicep tendon pain get long term relief.

The Takeway

When it comes to bicep tendon or anterior shoulder pain. The process goes as follows:

  1. Decrease irritation to the bicep tendon by reducing tension of surrounding larger muscle groups
  2. Reprogram muscles and movements to correct imbalances
  3. reintegrate new movement philosophies into work out or training specific movements

If you perform these 3 things you can successfully conquer these pesky shoulder symptoms. For any questions about any of the steps or to get more specific help from our team of shoulder specialists, just click below to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you overcome pain, stiffness and performance loss faster.

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