Improve Your Squat

Squats are one of the fundamentals movements every human should do proficiently AND pain free.  Here are the top 3 drills you should be incorporating into your routine to reach that goal.

Our recommendation:

Perform the 1-3 movements (depends on how many other areas you need to address) for 21 days in a row. This overload will make it easier for your body to adapt to moving the correct way. Watch our video on the rubber band effect to learn why.

Following 3 weeks, it is recommended by our specialists to continue to perform said drills 2-4x per week. At this point, making sure you are addressing the MOST needed areas. Use the prepare to move tests to see what needs the most work.

Now, on to the good stuff:

Adductor Mobilization

Equipment: Mobility ball (softball or larger ball preferred or smaller ball with cup)

Instruction: Find a tender spot located on the inside of the thigh. Kick knee in and out of flexion/extension.  Perform 5-10 arm movement reps, then repeat in 2-3 other areas of the muscle region working from thigh to knee.


Calf Raises

Equipment: Elevated surface (box, stairs, bench)

Instruction:  In standing with support of arms, raise up onto your toes with both legs. Slowly shift your weight towards one side and lower your heel with all of your body weight on that side. Once at the bottom of the stretch, keep your heel down and push knee forward to get a stretch to the soleus or underneath calf muscle. Make sure you push through the big toe and inside of the foot the entire time to keep good ankle position. Raise back up with both feet. Perform for 20-30 reps per day per side.


Controlled Goblet Squat

Equipment: Moderate weight DB/KB/Plate

Instruction: To perform this movement, keep the weight t your chest to start. Keep your weight distributed through the middle of your foot with your big toes on the floor. Perform a slight hip hinge to create tension in your glutes. From there, start to descend into squat allowing your knees to go forward in front of your toes, keeping tension on your back sides not your quads. Squat until you drop below parallel and pause. Push through the bottom of the foot to ascend out of squat, just like you would to jump. Return to starting position. Perform for 20-30 GOOD reps.

Remember the goal is to see improvement, so make sure you get your movement tested at minimal twice per year. We recommended quarterly for the best effects!

If you haven’t had your movement test, what are you waiting for?! You can schedule your assessment with our team by calling (919) 473-6165.

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