Best Exercises to Alleviate Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a normal occurrence in the body, but can create very uncomfortable and pain symptoms at times. The best thing is to keep moving through as much non-painful range of motion as you can to keep those joints healthy.

Check out our video on 2 very simple but highly effective drills you can do virtually anywhere to help decrease arthritis pain in your neck, shoulders, back and knees.

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The truth behind weight loss and arthritis (and how to achieve your health goals in 2019)

This article will give you pertinent information you need to know if your achy joints are holding you back from exercising to lose weight and improve your health.

The first thing you need to understand is that your medical diagnosis of arthritis may not be the reason only your joints are achy. Arthritis or inflammation of a joint space is actually a natural process that occurs in the body. In previous posts we have talked about how even people without pain or stiffness display some type of abnormality on imaging. Therefore having the diagnosis of arthritis from imaging does not have to be something that keeps you from participating in the activities you want, the SYMPTOMS of pain and stiffness are the problem.

One of the reasons you may be experiencing stiff achy joints is because of a faulty movement. This biomechanical breakdown can cause decrease joint range of motion that could lead to decreased lubrication (or loss of synovial fluid) of the joint space. With less synovial fluid and constant loading of the joint surfaces, that’s when we start seeing the wear and tear of joints.

Therefore, to help combat the feeling of achy joints so you can continue to participate in your favorite physical activities, make sure you get your movement diagnosis along side your medical diagnosis. Getting this diagnosis as well will help ensure you have the bigger picture of what is going on with your body so you can function at your optimal performance.

In the video below we dive deeper into this topic and give potential solutions that you can take advantage of for helping to get out of pain and to start moving and burning those calories.

Check out our video below:

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