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Elbow or Wrist Pain

North Carolina’s leading specialists for helping active people optimize their health and performance by providing solutions that eliminate frustrating pain, stiffness and performance loss.


Elbow or Wrist Pain

Elbow or wrist pain keeping you away from your hobbies or sport?

Our team of Doctors of Physical Therapy at Xcel Movement and Performance are awaiting your call to help you move better and feel better for life. We have helped numerous clients get rid of their elbow and wrist pain and get back to moving well for their activities or sport. We’ve helped clients AVOID SURGERY, harmful injections and pain medications. Our clients have gotten back to the activities they love including:

We can show you that you don’t need to rely on pain medication, injections, just “resting it” or relying on healthcare professionals who are not getting you progressive results EACH visit. There is a reason many active individuals are seeking out our help to help them completely resolve their symptoms, and our free report gives you a small glimpse of the magnitude of help we can give you to stay active and move well.

Please give our facility a call at (919) 473-6165 to confirm a time for one of our free phone consultations so we can discuss how we can help you live your life how YOU want.

We’ve helped people with these ankle and foot conditions get back to their life without pain medication or harmful injections:

Call us today to see how we can help YOU with your wrist and elbow symptoms or rehab. Our team has years of experience working with numerous different ankle and foot conditions and will help you get back your confidence that you can return back to normal without pain!

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Brandon Rizzo: Dr. Campbell has provided various therapies that literally changed my ability to function not only in day to day life, but I was actually able to get back to lifting heavily and working out on a regular basis. If not for his dry needling therapy, I would never have been physically able to conduct my duties as a soldier and deploy to Iraq. One year later, the results are still apparent. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Campbell and his facility.
Dave Cunningham: The best of the best. Focus on root cause. Both immediate and long term improvement.

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We accept all major insurances as a non-contracted physical therapy company. We will obtain your cost per visit before your first session with us with our complimentary insurance cost verification check.


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