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Foot or Ankle Pain

North Carolina’s leading specialists for helping active people optimize their health and performance by providing solutions that eliminate frustrating pain, stiffness and performance loss.


Foot Pain and Ankle Pain

More often than not, we take the health of our feet and ankles for granted. When we experience pain and stiffness, it can seem like it just won’t go away. For active individuals, it can be very limiting to activities like running, golf, tennis or boot camp workouts. It can increase morning routines with the extra 10 mins you have to spend to “loosen up” before you can start your day. Even with that extra time as soon as you get up from sitting for more than 10 minutes you’re right back to frustrating level of symptoms.


The good news is if this does resonate with you, there is help. Based on our years of experience working with active individuals who have these exact symptoms, we created a free guide outlining 11 different strategies that can help you reduce your symptoms. Our team of ankle and foot specialists have included the same tactics we use in our facility on a daily basis. Now you can instantly download our guide and start making changes to your daily routine today without taking pain meds, needing injections in those sensitive areas or fearing the need of surgery.

We’ve helped dozens of people with foot and ankle diagnoses including:

Our free report outlines simple strategies with maximal effectiveness to relieve those morning stiffness symptoms. Not all our solutions may work for you, but there will be some that will work for your specific needs and activities. Active people require a different approach to care when it comes to ankle and feet problems. Especially if you are over 35 and have goals of staying active and fit well into your later years. Eliminating the pain, improving the underlying issues and progressing back to your activities is crucial for success of enjoying your activities consistently.

Even if you’ve seen or currently are seeing other healthcare practitioners with some results, there is still valuable information in our guide that can help you see the reasons why ankle and foot symptoms need different attention to detail. We find that active individuals we help who have been in this situation we’re missing certain aspects of care (which is why we decided to make this free report) that limited success and ended up in frustration when their symptoms came roaring back after getting into their activities again.

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Brock Coffee: Cryotheropy with Xcel has been my secret weapon. The older I get the more I realize that preventative and recovery medicine are more important than the fitness itself. Being at 100% going into your workouts gives you the best results. Dry needling and Cryo have been something I've incorporated into my routine over the last year and I've been getting some great gains in return. If you are serious about your health and fitness I recommend Xcel's pre workout and recovery programs.
Elaina Marie: Xcel movement is an amazing place! Dr Campbell definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to the body. I have had my fair share of crapping doctors, but this man is far from one!! I've been doing cryotherapy and dry needling and my body feels amazing! I completely trust Dr Campbell advise and suggestions! And from experience it is hard to find a doctor you can trust! I love this place!!!

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