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Knee Pain

North Carolina’s leading specialists for helping active people optimize their health and performance by providing solutions that eliminate frustrating pain, stiffness and performance loss.


Knee Pain

For active individuals 35 and older, knee pain and stiffness can be a scary symptom. Our traditional healthcare system puts emphasis on the fear of “wear and tear” and throwing around the words: replacement surgery. For active people, this can be life altering. Many individuals stop gym exercises, running, cycling, even playing tennis or golf because of the “what if” situation. If this is a situation you’re in right now, ask yourself this question: Is this truly how you want to live your life? If you answered no, we’re happy to tell you…

You’re in the right place.

Our team of knee specialists don’t believe that anyone should stop doing activities just because of pain and stiffness. Even with diagnoses like:

The great news for you if you are dealing with knee pain and stiffness is you can start getting relief today. We developed a free report of 6 ways to stop your knee pain and get back to your work outs and activities. The tips in this guide are exactly what we go into detail with when working with our active individuals we help. While these tips may give you some relief, it may not completely take all your symptoms away. But it will do this, give you solutions that don’t involve medication, injections or surgery.

Our knee specialists work with people daily who have tried other solutions with no lasting results. Most of the time it’s because the doctor, PT or other healthcare professional only focuses on the pain or doesn’t give the true attention to detail the person needs. This can be frustrating especially if the problem has been present for weeks or months. We use our attention to detail in an easy to understand instructions within our free report, with the tips we find to be most effective for active individuals.

We stress active because not everyone can be treated the same. At our facility, we only treat active people, who enjoy participating in work outs, endurance events, golf or tennis. Our clients aren’t world class athletes, but everyday people that have a goal. Whether it’s to lose weight or stay healthy going into the next phase of their life, they are willing to invest their time and effort into truly getting better.

If you feel you fit into this category and are looking for a solution to your knee problem, we recommend downloading our free guide. It will give you valuable information to start seeing your symptoms in a different way that will help you learn more about how your body works.

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Corey Moore: Ive tried everything under the sun to get rid of my knee pain. I saw Dr. Campbell about a month ago (I was having major knee pain after a squat session). He did some dry needling on my quads (which was instant relief on my knees) and looked at my movement patterns. After a few tests, he came up with some mobility homework for me to do, which would correct my bad habits. Ive been following his recommendations and i haven't had any knee pain since! A+ stuff from Dr. Campbell, I highly recommend.
Marina Kalinin: I have been to multiple PTs through my life, however Brian was the first one to point me out what I should fix in my posture and daily basic movements to fix the origin of my problems. I am still in a huge pain after my recent knee injury, but I keep following the recommendations and the drills and coming to the treatments and plan avoiding any surgery.

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