How We Do More Than Traditional Healthcare for Active People and Athletes

Accountability: We're more than clinicians, we're also coaches that help you stay on track with your program for your goals
Priority communication and scheduling. You have access to our team to communicate your questions, needs and wins. Members also get priority scheduling which can include weekends if available.
New Technology to support your care and program. Our diagnostic analysis gives us an "MRI" of your movement to better detect underlying issues. Members have access to our app to view their program with video instruction of all drills.
We do not let insurance companies direct your care like traditional healthcare. Your program is based upon our expertise and your specific goals.

Membership Benefits:

  • Direct individualized care with our specialists
  • Available communication with our team
  • Priority scheduling (including weekends if available)
  • Easy access to your program through our app with detailed exercise videos
  • Quarterly orthopedic health testing included (see more info on this here)
  • Bonus resources and offers from our local partners
  • Member only pricing for rehab, testing and performance sessions.



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