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So, you had an orthopedic surgery. Maybe you had torn your ACL or your orthopedic surgeon said you needed a rotator cuff repair. You go through the surgery, and the ensuing months of rehabilitation. Now your 3 months or more down the road and you STILL have the same problems (pain, stiffness, joint giving way, etc) that sent you to a surgeon in the first place! Do you blame the surgeon? Blame your current or former PT?

It can be a scary time when you don’t have any answers and you feel misguided. More often than not, it’s not the surgery itself that is the problem, but the assumed expectations explained by the medical team you worked with. Let us put it to you in an analogy:

“Surgical intervention is essentially replacing a bad tire when your car is out of alignment. It’s only fixing the wear and tear of a fundamental problem, not the actual problem itself.”

What this means is that most surgical interventions are not fixing the root cause of the problem. Whether it’s an ACL, rotator cuff, or bulging disc, you had a fundamental problem that CAUSED your anatomy to break down.

This is the cause with the majority of unsuccessful surgery outcomes, that leave active people frustrated and unable to return to the sports and activities they love because they still have a significant amount of symptoms (sometimes worse than before they had the surgery!). So how do these people get better? They see a specialist who focuses on finding the fundamental problems, like the team here at Xcel Movement and Performance.

Our clinicians devised a free report that gives you the 5 things you must be doing to successfully overcome orthopedic surgery successfully. This includes surgical interventions such as:

Now this report will give you a valuable outline to start moving in the right direction to successfully overcoming any surgical procedure, but you still will need specific assessment to your case for complete resolution and ability to return to sport and activities. We recommend talking or even meeting with one of our post-surgical specialists about your specific needs for a better assessment and plan of action solution proposal.

Imagine you can actually get back to the gym, start swinging your tennis racket or golf club and even getting back on your bike again, just like your orthopedic surgeon had explained before you agreed to the procedure. We see active people every day who are now confidently working towards these goals who have a clear-cut path and understanding of what it truly needs to happen for these goals to be achieved.

You see the major problem, going back to our analogy, is that many rehab professionals after surgery don’t look at the big picture. They focus on only the surgery area, whether knee, shoulder or spine, and are essentially just continuing to fix a bad tire when your body’s mechanics are still off. Or even worse, they don’t give you the attention to detail you need to truly make the changes necessary to get back to higher level activities, like running, jumping or lifting weights overhead.

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Cleo Cooper: The Cryotherapy machine is a great way to soothe & relax muscles after an intense workout! I am home training during the offseason from Arena Football and it'sa great system for recovery. Helps me sleep at peacefully at night in order to recover for another intense day of training. Highly recommend not only athletes,but anyone partaking in physicals activity to use Cryotherapy.
Scott Matheson: Brian and his team are not just focused on getting you well as quickly as possible, but further they strive to make you even better than before Brian customizes a plan of attack specific to your situations and - most importantly - inclusive of your goals. I particularly appreciate the way Brian spends time helping me understand the "why" or science behind his diagnoses and recommended treatments. His whole practice is built by athletes and for athletes and I'm a better one thanks to his expertise and help!

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