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North Carolina’s leading specialists for helping active people optimize their health and performance by providing solutions that eliminate frustrating pain, stiffness and performance loss.

You have a goal. You know to achieve it you will push your body through levels of high intensity and long duration. But what if you are setting yourself up for failure? If you have an underlying problem with the way you move, you’re putting yourself at risk for pain and injury.

That’s why we’ve devised our XMP movement preparedness self-assessment. A simple, quick test that allows you to learn what you can and cannot do well with physical activity. It’s a screen that can show your weaknesses so that you can attack them to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals, and living the life you want.

You can instantly get our test guide by entering your information below:
When you enter your information, you will instantly get our guide of how to perform the test, how to score and interpret the results. You can take it today in as little as five minutes with no equipment needed. It will give you:


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